I Pried Open Wall Street In 1962

I Pried Open Wall Street In 1962

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Dr. Winston E. Allen has more than sixty years of experience as a trailblazer who pried open Wall Street in the early 1960s

I Pried Open Wall Street In 1962

“I Pried Open Wall Street in 1962”, is the compelling, true story of how author, Winston E. Allen, Ph.D., became the first minority-owned, independent broker-dealer, in the history of the United States.

In Dr. Allen’s memoir, he shares his experiences as a boy traveling on a sealed train in 1946 from New York to Florida.

Years later, Dr. Allen shares his successes with Wall Street’s multiple attempts to slam the door on Dr. Allen’s entrepreneurial desires and spirit, and how he pried open a residential enclave in Westchester, NY over fierce resistance.

In detail, Dr. Allen describes how he overcame the barriers, hurdles, and obstacles placed in his path throughout his lifetime.

This memoir provides insights proven to be successful to Dr. Allen and relatable to anyone experiencing any type of resistance, bigotry, or discrimination, regardless of race, color, creed, and/or gender.

“I Pried Open Wall Street in 1962” compliments Dr. Allen’s previously released books: “Don’t Get Mad, Get Rich” and “Live a Purposeful & Meaningful Life.

Dr. Allen is available for interviews, podcasts, and speaking engagements.
“I Pried Open Wall Street in 1962”, available now.

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About The Author

Dr. Winston Allen has spent many years mentoring people as they turn their
dreams into reality.

Dr. Allen has been a real estate developer, Fulbright scholar, patented inventor, a college professor at George Washington and American University graduate business schools, and a corporate executive at Xerox Corporation. He and his wife Ruby are long-term owners of a United States Department of the Interior landmarked residence in Westport, Connecticut.

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